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Master Your Sensitivity

Lighten Your Inner World And Direct Your Life The Way You Want It To Be

Balance Your Emotions

Align Your Inner World

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Everyone Deserves To Heal Their Past Pain And Feel Safe In Life...

  • Do you long for something ‘more’ in life but can’t quite put it into words?

  • Is a challenging person making life feel uncomfortable?

  • Are you tired of endless soul searching and trying to find the real answer to the numbness you feel inside?

  • Are you fed up with feeling unable to safely express yourself?

  • Do relentless relationship dynamics sap away your energy and empathy?

  • Are you ready to step into a space where you can pause, reflect and nourish your Self so that you feel seen, heard and valued?

How I Can Help

Start Here...

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Which Service Is Right For Me?

For high sensory and empathic people, the key to living a more authentic life lies in balancing and calming their nervous system so that they don't have to live in a hyper vigilant mode. When you can truly love who you really are, it's easier to engage with others with greater confidence, less judgement and more love in your heart. ​


If this sounds like you then let's chat about how I can help you to reduce the challenges of being a sensitive, start feeling safe in life and resonate more harmoniously with your inner world.  Together we will:

  1. create your personalised Transformation Mandala to help you connect with and hear the wisdom of your innermost voice

  2. clarify your main challenges, frustrations and ambitions so you can begin to master your sensitivity and strengthen your relationship with yourself

  3. determine your best path forward so you can start living a more playful and harmonious life


To start, simply click the button below and book a complimentary 30 minute call on a day and time to suit you.


What My Clients Say About Me...   

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B. Skjernaa


During my session I felt safe and held by the authority of natural kindness, which created a space of immediate trust to work in.


With gentle guidance I was able to feel the power, wisdom, and authority of my soul at the time of my birth and was able to learn how to connect and integrate that into my current life.


This created a deep sense of inner transformation and now I have a new level of trust in my own intuition and internal authority.

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Caroline Westberg


I really appreciated how my coaching was always delivered using the right balance of knowledge and skills combined with deep empathy and understanding.


After only one session, I felt better able to open up to new perspectives and inspired to apply a more heart-centred approach to achieving my goals and realising my dreams.


I found the courage and determination within me to make it all happen and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this work.

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Julia Gregory


My coaching session felt like a warm, safe and trusting place. When working with my energy the connection felt respectful, sincere and non-intrusive. At the start I couldn't quite figure out what was really going on inside of me. By the end, I was crystal-clear about what had not been sitting right with me.


I felt an immediate shift in my energy and saw a notable and positive difference in the dynamic between myself and my husband. I now feel joyful and happy because my path ahead feels clearer and brighter.

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Brigitte Miller


Throughout my reading I was impressed with the professionalism and care with which I was treated.


I found the style of the session suited me well, everything was explained clearly and with great depth and breadth.


My question was complex and multi-layered but it was answered with great insight, clarity and sensitivity.


I feel calmer and have more insight into my situation and know I can take my next step with confidence.


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Free High Sensory Calming Kit

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