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Complimentary Consultation

In this value-packed 30 minute call we'll chat about how to start reducing the everyday challenges of being a sensitive and how to resonate more harmoniously with your inner world so that you can start feeling safer in life. 


During our time together we will:-

  • clarify your main challenges, frustrations and ambitions 

  • determine the best path forward to move you out of survival mode and in to enjoying a more playful life

  • personalise your Transformation Mandala to focus on the area of your life you most want to improve right now


We will carefully consider possible outcomes, pinpoint what your best next step looks like and choose which level of support is right for you.


Your personal Transformation Mandala will be yours to keep as a gift from me regardless of whether you choose to work with me or not.

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Feel Safe In Your Own Skin

A gentle start to help you feel supported and guided as we use the wisdom of the tarot and the vibration of your energy to explore one burning question that's keeping you feeling stuck, unaligned or overwhelmed.

Find A Sense of Belonging

If you are fed up with the continuous search for an answer to the emotional confusion that you feel inside and long to feel deeply content and at home with yourself then this is a great place to start. 

Move From Surviving to Thriving

If you crave something ‘more’ from life but can’t quite put it into words, want to connect to your inner world without fear so you can nurture your Self and welcome in joy, or would love to feel good about who you truly are and about where you're heading next, then this option will help you take your first step to getting there.


Choose from:

  • 1x 40 min tarot & energy reading       € 85

  • ​2x 40 min tarot & energy readings    €155

  • ​3x 40 min tarot & energy readings    €225

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Feel Good Enough

Are you ready to resolve what has kept you feeling invisible so that you can be seen for the treasure you already are? Is it time to stop getting side-tracked by wanting things to be ‘perfect’ so that you can relax into life more easily? Do you feel ready to release the past so that you can start to embrace the new?

Create Loving Connections

You want to be liked for who you really are and not have to try so hard to fit in. You want to let go of being hyper vigilant all the time and to feel comfortable in the company of others. You are ready to embrace a new sense of being and to naturally apply boundaries that work without having to think about it.

Understand Your History

You have depth and are curious about the deeper meaning of life. You want to understand the patterns you see in your heritage and reframe challenging past experiences so that you can move forward easily with life.


What's included

  • 1x 30 min Welcome Session PLUS 40 min tarot & energy reading

  • 3x 45 min private coaching sessions 

  • 1x 45 min Review & Wrap Up session

​​​€ 750​

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Turn Life Around

Work deeply with your intuition to expand your awareness into a higher state of being. Experience a more pleasurable and lighter inner world more often. Connect with your sense of life purpose and use your self-awareness and compassion for yourself and others.

Bloom Into Being Your True Self

Feel internally aligned and empowered by your life’s potential. Engage whole-heartedly with others, balance your emotions more easily and enjoy taking part in what life has to offer as your authentic high sensory Self.

See With Your Heart

Acknowledge how far you've come and the value and beauty you have created along the way. See more clearly how to turn life's challenges into golden opportunities. Maintain your self-belief so you can handle whatever curveball life may throw your way and trust that you are in the right place, at the right time and that you are making the right choices for you.



​What's included

  • 1x 30 min Welcome Session & 40 min tarot and energy reading

  • 4x 60 min private coaching sessions 

  • 1x 45 min Progress Check-In session

  • 1x 45 min Review and Wrap Up session

​​​€ 985

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